Venturing Out with Tom Browning

February 8, 2021

Venturing Out is a new video series from H Venture Partners about life after the corporate C-suite. Founder and managing partner Elizabeth Edwards talks to consumer executives about the next phase of their careers, and what led them to become involved in venture capital investing.

Tom Browning is a retired executive who’s worked at major CPG companies like P&G, Kellogg, Coca-Cola and Chiquita. He’s perhaps best-known for purchasing La Croix with WinterBrook Beverage Group (now National Beverage Corporation), bringing the much-loved, millennial-favorite sparkling water brand out of obscurity and into our homes. Today, Tom works with H Venture Partner brands like Cerebelly on executing their strategy, especially retail distribution. “Many startups have a clear objective, and well-thought out strategy, but the tactical execution has gaps, and I can fill that on occasion with specifics, not philosophy, and they need that,” he says.

Watch Elizabeth’s interview with Tom to hear more about what drew him to investing in venture capital, how he spends his time after years as a road warrior, why he thinks Cincinnati is the optimal city for consumer brands, and the advice he’d give to both startup founders and executives making a career transition.

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