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Our Difference

The H in our name stands for human and reflects our focus on brands that address timeless, fundamental human needs.

Our Focus

We invest at the intersection of science and consumer packaged goods at the earliest stages.

What We Believe

We are investing in brands that are disrupting billion-dollar categories and changing the way we live our lives.

Leadership of brands over $1 Billion in Global Sales

We have a history of investing in and leading consumer brands that are household names.

Our Brands


Smart food for the developing brain

Most of the brain develops before age three. Designed by a Stanford neurosurgeon and mom, Cerebelly provides targeted nutrition for the developing brain with patented whole food formulas that deliver exactly what babies need when they need it. Cerebelly is 20x more nutritious than any baby food on the market.


Clean wine from Cameron Diaz and Katherine Power

Avaline is a line of clean wines from actress Cameron Diaz and serial entrepreneur Katherine Power. Each of its wine -- red, white and rose -- is made from organic grapes grown without pesticides. The line is vegan-friendly, with no artificial colors, no added sugars, colors or concentrates, and complete nutrition transparency.


Clean skincare for glowing skin

Kinship is reimagining skincare for Gen Z – without harmful chemicals. Highly effective, clean, and sustainable, their formulas work with the skin’s natural processes to fight acne and create glowing skin with plant-based formulas. Kinship is 93% effective in eliminating acne without benzoyl peroxide using its proprietary microbiome technology.


Hair care for textured hair

Textured hair done easily. Finally. Revolutionizing the experience for women with textured hair, providing an unparalleled salon experience and product line. The future of haircare is here.


Holistic primary care

Today, 86% of disease is chronic and lifestyle driven. Unlike other doctors, Parsley's board certified physicians and coaches are also trained in functional medicine, meaning they use nutrition, lifestyle change, and cutting-edge testing to help cure and prevent disease. Parsley goes beyond a traditional doctor - yes, they help with acute cold and flu, write prescriptions and referrals to specialists. But they go a level deeper by assessing health risk factors, managing chronic illness, and creating a plan for mental health, sleep, nutrition, fitness and supplements.

Launching Soon

The future of oral care

Today's oral care technologies are focused on tartar prevention. This novel formulation removes tartar without mechanical scaling - something that is today only accomplished by a dental hygenist. Nearly half of Americans and the majority of the developing world do not have regular dental cleanings - and the impact of oral health on overall health is significant. Welcome to the future of oral care.


Lifestyle meds. Prescribed online, delivered to your door.

Felix is putting the power of preventative healthcare into the hands of the consumer. Leveraging a powerful network of doctors, pharmacies, and an innovative healthcare platform, Felix is cutting the wait time for concerns like birth control and allergies from months to minutes.

Launching Soon

Novel Sustainable Personal Care

Today, forests are being decimated to create paper personal care products. This company aims to change that, creating a more hygenic and more sustainable solution using patent-pending technology.

Better Booch

Premium Small Craft Kombucha

Better Booch is a best-selling kombucha in Southern California with a proprietary accelerated brewing process and one year shelf life.


Premium Disposable Underwear for Incontinence

Hazel is a premium incontinence brand offering unsurpassed performance technology. Designed to be more streamlined and less noticeable with greater protection, Hazel provides luxe care for down there.


Wellness for the whole you

Prima is a wellness company that offers pure and potent plant therapeutics for skin, body and mind. Driven by science and meticulously unlocking the power of nature to help combat stress and target issues at their source, Prima's line includes beauty, bath and health products infused broad spectrum CBD. Prima’s products are vegan and cruelty-free and carbon and plastic neutral.


Redefining Menopause

All women at some point experience menopause. Menopause occurs over years and can bring about dozens of symptoms - particularly hot flashes, trouble sleeping, mood changes, and vaginal dryness. Kindra offers science-backed products to tackle these symptoms including: Vaginal Lotions, Core Dietary Supplements, Energy Essentials, Aurora Applicator - as well as an engaging community where peers share helpful guidance along the journey.

Better Not Younger

Novel Haircare for Aging Hair

Our hair "peaks" at age 15 when it is at its thickest - and it's all downhill from there. Better Not Younger addresses the hair concerns of women over 40 by improving scalp health and hair strength. The brand's patent-pending technology promotes hair growth for aging, thinning hair.

Mad Rabbit

#1 Selling Tattoo Aftercare Brand

Mad Rabbit is the #1 selling tattoo aftercare brand addressing the unique skincare concerns tattoo enthusiasts. Roughly 40% of the US population has a tattoo. Mad Rabbit's product line enhances the vibrancy of tattoos using all natural vegan ingredients.

Aqua Cultured

The future of seafood

Over 80% of wild fisheries are overfished and global demand for seafood is expected to grow by 30% by 2030. Aqua Cultured makes whole muscle-cut sustainable seafood alternatives using biomass fermentation, resulting in a product that looks and tastes just like traditional seafood. Aqua Cultured is clean label and price competitive with traditional seafood.


Patented Snackable Wellness

Sourse makes vitamin infused chocolates to help you look and feel your best. Utilizing a patented process that ensures great taste, high nutrient content and ultimate bioavailability, Sourse offers benefit-specific vitamins and minerals to tackle sleep, skin health, hair health, energy, and mood. Sourse was co-founded by actress and health advocate Sarah Hyland.

Mother Science

Clinically-proven, Patented Hyperpigmentation Solution

Mother Science has harnessed the power of the skin's microbiome to reverse hyperpigmentation - one of the top 3 skin care concerns among women. With its patented active ingredient, Malassezin, Mother Science offers a clinically effective alternative to hydroquinone without the harmful side effects.

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