We invest in branded products and experiences.

We are committed to backing the best brands and the best management teams – period.

Pitch Us

We invest all over North America in companies that have $0-$50MM in revenue with initial investments that range from $500K-$5MM.

What we look for.

  • Experienced management teams, specifically at least one of the following: domain expertise, channel expertise, stage expertise, previous exits
  • Balanced teams with complementary skill sets
  • Purpose-driven brands
  • Platform brands looking to dominate an entire category or show up in multiple categories
  • Superior product performance
  • A pipeline of product and business model innovation
  • Solving a real problem in a $1Bn+ category
  • Competitive unit economics at scale
  • Quality co-investors: good partners that are experienced in this stage, category, or channel
  • Deal terms that make sense. We underwrite deals for a minimum 50% IRR, which means that there’s typically a pathway to the value of the company doubling in the next 12-24 months

What we bring.

  • Global consumer insights
  • A listening ear, an open mind, and an appetite for a challenge
  • Decades of consumer and retail experience scaling omnichannel brands globally and in every major consumer category
  • A network of resources in R&D, design, marketing, retail, and strategy
  • Capital raising strategy in later rounds

We’re for making the world a better place.

The H in our name stands for Human. We don’t invest in weapons, gambling, nicotine, pornography, or illicit drugs. During due diligence, we examine supply chain choices, packaging, manufacturing practices, labor, ingredients, and formulations. To read more about how we’re making an impact through our investments, read our Responsible Investing Policy and our commitment to Diversity.

Investing in a beautiful life.

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