Venturing Out with Jeff Schomburger

March 19, 2021

Venturing Out is a video series from H Venture Partners about life after the corporate C-suite. Founder and managing partner Elizabeth Edwards talks to consumer executives about the next phase of their careers, and what led them to become involved in venture capital investing.

Jeff Schomburger recently retired from his role as the former Global Sales Officer of Customer Business Development for P&G. Early in his career, Jeff served as the President of the Global Walmart team, overseeing one of the biggest commercial relationships in the world. He was at the right place at the right time within P&G to nab such a fascinating role; he was tapped to co-locate to Arkansas with Walmart executives and work with the huge retailer instead of operating independently. “I got to be on the leading edge of creating a new business model between retailers and customers, really built around aligning strategy, creating mutual demand, optimizing the supply, and enabling the organizations with new capabilities,” he says.

Also serving on the Board of Directors for Tyson, Jeff is no stranger to advising companies. At H Venture Partners, Jeff is our sales and supply chain guru, helping our portfolio understand which retailers to target, how to tighten up their distribution, and how to position the startup from a marketing perspective. In this episode of Venturing Out, learn more about Jeff’s path to venture capital, and the unique skill set he brings to fledgling CPG companies.

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