A VC's Reflection on the Election: Don't Forget about the Heartland

November 17, 2020

Elizabeth Edwards shared her thoughts on the election with CincyInno from the Cincinnati Business Journal:

We had to wait a long time for the winner of the presidential election. In the process we learned a lot about the regional differences in our nation – from the liberal coasts, to the conservative middle, to the African-American vote in the Southeast, and to the Hispanic vote in the Southwest. We learned that Hispanic citizens are not homogenous, but nuanced; Cuban-Americans in Florida have different concerns than Mexican-Americans in Arizona.

Our electorate is a patchwork of demographics and values.

I could not have predicted the outcome of the election, but none of the other revelations surprised me. In the 2016 election, my colleagues in New York and San Francisco were sure of a Hillary win – probably because 80% of their neighbors voted for her. But that year, my street in Hyde Park was split 50-50 between Trump and Clinton signs.

As a consumer venture capital investor, I’ve long been intrigued by our country’s nuances, and understanding the over 60% of the U.S. population that resides in the heartland is critical to our investment strategy.

Read the rest of her reflection on CincyInno.

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