Black Owned Brands We Admire

Jun 5, 2020

“Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.” — Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

We are committed to supporting black brands and founders in an effort to drive social and economic change. We understand that as a firm there is more work to be done, but this is our way of getting started while we develop a more robust short and long term plan. All of the brands and founders listed below are one’s that we greatly admire, and we’re pleased to share them with you.

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NAZA — “The salon that puts you first. Finally.”

One of H Venture Partners’ portfolio companies, NAZA was founded by Natanya Montgomery. Natanya is building the care and community destination for women with textured hair and is a protective styling salon that specializes in coily, kinky, and afro-textured hair.

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Clare — “Paint a Home that Makes You Happy”

Clare was founded by Nicole Gibbons. An interior designer who saw that no paint brands were offering an easy or convenient way to shop for paint, she decided to fix that.

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GOLDE — “Powered by Superfoods”

Trinity Mouzon Wofford co-founded Golde in 2017 with the mission of bringing good vibes to the wellness industry. They are an independent, Brooklyn-born brand centered in making superfood-boosted essentials for health and beauty.

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McBride Sisters — “A Story of Two Sisters and Their Passion for Wine”

Though continents apart, Robin and Andréa were raised in the wine regions of Monterey, California and Marlborough, New Zealand; independently developing an appreciation for the craft of fine winemaking.

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Mented Cosmetics — “Pigment is Our Passion”

One night over a glass of pinot, KJ Miller and Amanda Johnson sat down and asked themselves why it was so hard to find the perfect nude lipstick. That conversation sparked an idea, and that idea became the brand they are building today.

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PUR Home — “Changing the Way You Think About Clean”

PUR Home was created by Angela Richardson who is not only the CEO, but also the formulator and product developer for the Brand. She is passionate about natural products and began her journey into eco-friendly living 7 years ago when she made her first ever natural bar of soap.

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Pet Plate — “Real Food Cooked Fresh For Your Dog”

Renaldo Webb is the founder of Pet Plate. As a consultant in the pet food space, he saw the inferior ingredients and substandard processes used to make mass-market pet food. He went to work to find a healthy solution for his dog, Winston, and Pet Plate was born.

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Partake Foods — “Super Delicious Cookies”

Founded by Denise Woodard and her family, Partake was founded out of necessity when Denise discovered her daughter suffered from multiple food allergens. Partake makes gluten-free cookies that everyone can enjoy. In addition to being gluten-free, these cookies are free of the top eight allergens, including nuts, eggs, and dairy.

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PiperWai — “Works Naturally”

Co-founded by Sarah Ribner, PiperWai began in 2014 with two childhood friends who turned their personal passions for better-­for-you products into a full-time, global brand. In an effort to rid their bathroom cabinets of conventional toxic products, the friends began formulating many of their own personal care items using pure, nourishing, natural ingredients. Finding that deodorant was particularly difficult to formulate, after much trial they found a formula that worked and PiperWai was born.

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