Zelda Zhao

Zelda Zhao is an Analyst at H Venture Partners. She is a CAIA charter holder and a CFA Candidate with a Master's Degree in Financial Mathematics.

Zelda Zhao

Zelda Zhao joined H Venture Partners as an Analyst. She is a CAIA charter holder and passed level III of the CFA program. Zelda has a Master's Degree in Financial Mathematics. Born in Suzhou, China, Zelda's education and career took her to Paris, New York, and Boston before joining H Venture Partners in Cincinnati. Zelda brings years of consumer equity research and analysis, managing the consumer discretionary equities portfolio for Babson Endowment. Before Babson Endowment, Zelda worked with Bank of America and Citigroup.

Zelda's quantitative skills are complemented by her interest in people, culture, and science. At the Sorbonne in Paris she studied organic chemistry, with a particular interest in the business of perfume.

Zelda speaks Mandarin, French, and English fluently, reads Cantonese, and is a beginner in Modern Arabic. Her love of languages and culture is contagious.

Zelda enjoys classic piano music, reality TV, baking, cooking, and traveling.

Zelda received her undergraduate degree in Economics and French with a minor in Chemistry (magna cum laude) from Wheaton College and her Master of Science in Financial Mathematics from Babson College, F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business.

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